SlipCover 1.0

Create stunning DVD or BluRay covers


  • Simple to use
  • Suitable for DVD, HD DVD and BluRay box covers


  • Only saves in one format
  • Doesn't allow any manual editing
  • Only allows three different default settings

Very good

If you're creating a DVD or BluRay disc as a gift for someone, or just want your collection to look a little sexier, then get hold of SlipCover and make yourself some cool covers.

SlipCover allows you to easily design your own case covers for DVD and BluRay discs and it doesn't cost a penny. It's an elegantly designed application that simply requires you to drag and drop your pictures into its main interface to get started. Once your image is loaded, simply select from the drop-down menu below what kind of disk you'd like it to conform to - DVD, HD DVD or BluRay. If you want templates for other covers such as Playstation, you can download them from the developer site.

There's not much to it than that. It would have been nice to have at least had some control over the final cover. For instance, it would have been useful to edit the cover, or at least write on it with a marker pen, but SlipCover doesn't offer any editing tools or even preferences. SlipCover also saves in a strange .icns format and doesn't allow you to convert to any others.

SlipCover may be nothing more than a default resizing tool for creating DVD and BluRay covers but it's remarkably easy to use and does it's job efficiently and quickly.

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SlipCover 1.0

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